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Beginners Meditation

Next Course Starts Wednesday 25th July 7.30pm!

What is Meditation 

Meditation is a simple, easy to learn practice that trains the mind and relaxes the body. During meditation you hold your focus on a single point and relax. Meditation is not no thought- contrary to popular belief. Instead it is the practice of the return to the point of singular focus, which has a dramatically postive, cumulative, life affirming effect over time. 

There are many forms of meditation, both secular and religious from many parts of the world. Heart2Shine's Beginner's Meditation Course is non-religious and based on easy to understand and simple mindfulness meditation techniques.

Why You Should Learn to Meditate

We believe everyone should learn to meditate and so we have created a simple 6 week beginner's course to ease you into meditation. The benefits of a regular meditation practice are innumerable and have been studied in over 300 clinical trials.

Once you have established a practice, each time you meditate profund health affirming physiological changes will occur in your body; overall feelings of wellness will be boosted; your mind will feel clearer; you will have increased productivity at work; greater capacity to deal with stress and your sense of self will be heightened. Life can feels spacious, enjoyable and more vital as you learn to detach from the pressures of life.

Meditation boosts your spirituality by helping to build a stronger connection to self. It increases your awareness, can raise your level of personal happiness as well as boost your compassion for self and others.
 It is also excellent of calming, rebalancing and boosting energy.

At it's core meditation can help you breakthrough perpetual thought and connect with the still, inner, real you.

What Will I Learn On Heart2Shine's Beginner's Mindfulness Meditation Course?

You will learn what meditation is and what it's not. You will be shown how to meditate, gain insight into the benefits of meditation, have opportunities to discuss your experiences and ask your questions in class with Zoe as well as be coached inovercoming any obstacles you may experience as you learn to meditate. 

Classes are small, informal and Zoe Alexander's teaching style is warm and friendly. You will be given an easy to understand course book, an audio recording of a simple 5 minute mindfulness meditation to practice at home and you will be invited to join a private Facebook group where you can ask questions of Zoe and share your own experiences at any time throughout the course.

Heart2Shine's Beginner's Meditation Course is non-religious and based on easy to understand and simple mindfulness meditation to help you successfully learn to meditate and feel better in your world.

Beginner's Meditation Course Details

Our beginners mindfulness meditation course is split into two levels: level 1 & 2. Each level is 6 weeks. After you have completed level 1, you are invited to enrol for further 6 weeks in our level 2 class. Level 2 class starts the week after level 1 finishes. 

Dates for our next class are Wednesday 25th July, 7.30pm. Level 2 is open to all students past and present.

Cost of level 1 is $195 which includes course manual, private Facebook group and all audio downloads to help you establish a successful home based meditation practice. You will also be given a bottle of Clarity flower essence on week 1.

Cost of level 2 is $195 which includes continued support from your private Facebook group and all audio downloads to help you establish a successful home based meditation practice. You will also be given a bottle of Clarity flower essence on week 1.

Currently Zoe Alexander's next Level 1 6 week beginner's class is: Wednesday 25th July, 7.30 pm, at The Gentle Dragon in Mona Vale, Northern Beaches, Sydney.  Level 2 will begin: dates to be set, at The Gentle Dragon.


"Meditation in the short weeks I have been doing it has really changed my life and I can see it only getting better and better in the future! Zoe is amazing, and I really mean that, her calm nature is perfect and her style and pace are perfect, at no point did I feel overwhelmed which was fantastic as we live in a busy world and having another thing to do can add extra stress. I would definitely recommend Meditation to everyone, in fact I’m talking to my boys about it now as I would love them to grow up Meditating."


"If you are thinking about meditation. PLEASE do it. PLEASE start and do the course with Zoe. It is the best thing I have ever done! Getting started, finding Zoe and finding out how much meditation can improve your life and help you cope with what life throws at you. I couldn’t recommend it enough."


"As an experienced meditator (daily for several years) I found this course very enjoyable and beneficial. Even though it was aimed at beginners it was great to really ‘sharpen up the basics’. I wish I had started hear when I first tried meditation many years ago. The content was easy to understand, simple and focused with no extraneous matter. It was delivered compassionately, skillfully and supportively. I wish everyone had access to such amazing material, knowledge, experience and support to learn this life changing skill."


"Being an absolute beginner in the world of meditation, but having heard others experiences I was excited and nervous. From the first night I felt completely comfortable in the space and with the guidance of Zoe I felt confident that I could relax, learn and enjoy the experience. The group setting was perfect in size, I found myself looking forward to every session. This was the perfect introduction to Meditation I was looking for."



To book your place please email or contact The Gentle Dragon on 02 8076 5111.