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Illuminate with Your Angels & Guides

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Do you want to experience the loving embrace of your Angels? Get help to navigate your world with your Guides? Then our Illuminate 4week course is for you!

Illuminate with your Angels and Guides is designed to introduce you to your angels and guides and show you how you can practically connect with them in simple and powerful ways. Once you have completed our course you will be able to confidently 'talk' with your angels and guides in your everyday life and open your world to their care, nurture and understanding. This will also help you know and appreciate yourself, create a better life and/or uncover your own spiritual gifts.

You are Spirit in motion, designed to feel good. There's nothing quite like knowing you are not alone and that there's being there to help you feel and live well. Once you truly realize this, your life is never the same.

Illuminate Course Structure & Timetable

This is a 4-week course, running 9am – 12.30pm on consecutive Saturdays. You will receive a manual outlining the theory and this will be discussed in class. The focus of our time together is on you and your capacity to connect with your Angels and Guides. Exercises will be given during weeks between classes. Water is provided.

  • Week 1: Why do Angels work with you?
  • What are Angels? Learn why and how we connect with them. Practice connection.
  • Week 2: Guides
  • What are Guides? Learn what are they, and why and how we connect with them. Practice connection.
  • Week 3: What is the difference between Angels and Guides?
  • Learn how Angels and Guides help you access the ‘real you'. Practice connection.
  • Week 4: Spiritually helping you
  • With the help of the Universe behind you, understand where you go from here. 


Course Information

Australia: Zoe’s course is held in Sydney's Northern Beaches at The Gentle Dragon.

Next Course:

Dates to be set,

4 Saturdays, 9 am - 12 pm, 2018.


For more information on courses in Australia, please email Zoe.

UK: Shirley's course is held in Edinburgh. 

Next Course:


For information on UK courses please contact Shirley.