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Product Description

Bespoke Vibrational Essence Service

The Heart2Shine Bespoke Essence Service is our premium essence service. It is designed to simplify selection and provide you with a uniquely tailored vibrational flower essence, or blend of essences - especially for you.

To use this service, simply purchase your Bespoke Essence from our Product Range. As well as size and formula, you will be asked to select whether you wish us to tune into your energy field and select on your behalf or whether you would prefer to provide us with information via a form which will be emailed to you after purchase. Any information you provide is treated in the strictest confidence. 

Our Essence Selectors

Heart2Shine utilises two gifted selectors: Zoe Alexander and Shirley Cumming. Zoe Alexander is the co-creator of the Heart2Shine essence range, and Shirley Cumming is a Heart2shine essence co-collaborator par excellence.

Both are highly experienced in working with people’s energy systems at a distance, and can ‘tune into’ and discover which essence(s) are best for you. If you provide us with information and give us permission to use energy techniques, it is our policy to use energetic selection where any discrepancy may arise. In such cases, a note will be included in your order.

Many of our customers prefer to forego the form and simply instruct Zoe Alexander or Shirley Cumming to select essences by energetic means only. 

This service takes on average 2 business days to be made from receipt of your order and instruction. 


Brandy formula:
Spring water, brandy & our vibrational essence of Bespoke.
Warning: This product contains alcohol.

Glycerine formula:
Spring water, vegetable glycerine & our vibrational essence of Bespoke.
Warning: This product contains 0.1% alcohol

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